Border stories

Picture credit: Erika Pineros

Thanks to the Women’s Stories grant from the IWMF I am reporting from various parts of the Colombia/Venezuela border during 2019/2020.

Here are the first stories:

The Times

Escape from Venezuela, inside the wave of 4.3 million refugees

US News

Heading far afield to enter motherhood

Irish Times

Older migrants cross into Colombia as Venezuelan crisis deepens

PRI/The World

Meet the woman who buried forgotten migrants from Venezuela

TRIX Magazine

The Weight of Two Worlds



A feature story for Grazia on the Venezuelan migration crisis

“The situation in Venezuela is criminal. People are dying daily.”


The Washington Post

PICHILIN, COLOMBIA – NOVEMBER 20: A peasant and his donkey walk through the streets of Pichilin, Montes de Maria, Sucre on November 20, 2018. (Photo by Ivan Valencia for The Washington Post)

A tiny village in Colombia slowly comes back to life

Left-wing rebel group blamed for car bomb that killed 21 in Bogota

With millions of dollars of U.S. aid stuck at the Venezuelan border, what happens next?

Tensions escalate over delivery of humanitarian aid to Venezuela


The Times

p1040299Freelance work from Latin America for the foreign pages, with articles on the end of the FARC as a guerilla group, the migrants desperate to leave Venezuela, and a town with the highest incidence of Alzheimer’s anywhere in the world

Escape from Venezuela: Inside the wave of 4.3 million refugees

Tide of human misery welling up from Venezuela’s revolution

Colombians reject Farc at the ballot box

The hunt for a cure in the town blighted by ‘the stupid disease

Stunned President tries to save peace deal after voters say no

Colombia fears return to war as voters reject Farc peace deal

Venezuelans join exodus to find food

Colombians dare to dream of peace after Farc truce

Colombians celebrate peace after 50 year civil war

Colombia hopes for a tourist boom

Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

AO6T9436Thanks for a grant from the Pulitzer Center I spent four months investigating what has happened in Colombia since the peace deal with the FARC. (Pic cred: Ivan Valencia)

Irish Times: The FARC tailor

Daily Beast: The’s FARC new tourism project

Washington Post: The village starting to heal

US News and World Report: Taking the Fight From the Field to the Legislature

The Atlantic’s CityLab

CityLab pic

How Bogotá’s Cycling Superhighway Shaped a Generation

The Times (Arts)

narcos‘Escobar was the Devil…but I think we’re going to be worse’

East goes West

Luggage belonging to the Syrian artist Mughni Sief, who crossed the world to leave war behind. (Photo by Mauro Pimentel)

As the journey to Europe becomes increasingly dangerous, migrants and refugees from Africa and the Middle East are searching out new routes through the Americas. I led a team of six reporters investigating what was happening in three continents, thanks to a grant from Transparency International and the J4T initiative.



From dive bars to America’s award-winning new chefs, I have written a series of articles for Vice’s food section, Munchies.

From opposite sides of the war in Colombia to standing side by side in the kitchen 

Meet the Angel of one of Austin’s last true dive bars

Texan winemakers want their state to become the next Napa Valley

How I went from being a terrible drug dealer to top chef

How Texas elevated my pastry game to a whole new level


News Deeply


Feature articles on migration through the Americas, demining one of the most heavily landmined countries in the world, child soldiers and the people who were disappeared during Colombia’s 50 year conflict with the FARC.

The New Coyote Trail: Refugees Head West to Bypass Fortress Europe

The Woman Helping Clear Colombia of Its Deadly Landmines

The Life of a FARC child soldier

‘You have to carry on’: the women searching for Colombia’s disappeared